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  • Accurate is SCB certified to the AS9100 Rev D
    with ISO 9001:2015.
  • Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • U-Soft CMM software – Includes SPC capability
  • Federal Formscan 3100
  • Federal Balancing Machine
  • Geometry Gaging & Measurement System – SPC capable
  • Mitutoyo Optical Comparator – PH3500
  • Edge Detection, Surface Illumination, SPC Capable
  • SPC Production Control
  • Gage Talker System with full data collection and report software.
  • Full time SPC Specialist trained in SPC procedures.
  • Full time Inspection Department; supervisor with 15 years experience in close tolerance inspection procedure
  • All final inspection equipment is certified by an independent service which is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.
  • The Accurate quality control procedures are outlined in a complete Q.C. Manual which is available for inspection by our customers.
  • Accurate is on line and utilizing SPC to control the manufacturing process. Customers are encouraged to specify the control of specific Key Characteristics. Control plans and all SPC documentation is available to our customers.

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